Gratitude - a pathway to well-being.

How often in recent times have you heard or read people talking about gratitude? If you’re a regular on social media the chances are that you’ve come across it more times than you can count. How many times have your friends and family reminded you to count your blessings rather than letting the things that upset you take over? The reason for this is because there are ample studies that show that practicing gratitude on a regular basis really plays a large part in increasing your well-being.

What we know from the extensive research done on gratitude is that it can enhance empathy and reduce aggression, improve physical & psychological health, boost self-esteem, increase mental strength, enhance happiness and joy.

It is important to note that gratitude is a practice and not a one and done solution. It is equally important to note that gratitude is not limited to the big events or achievements in life. It is often appreciating the smaller things in life that improve our overall well-being and form the foundation of our happiness.

With that in mind I will be taking part in a 3-week daily gratitude practice and I hope you’ll join me. From now until Thanksgiving (the pinnacle gratitude day in the US) I will be sharing daily posts, pictures or images that demonstrate my gratitude. Please join me for part or all of the journey by replying with your own “gratitude posts” and feel free to tag your friends, encouraging them to get involved.

There so no time like the present to start practicing gratitude so here it goes…

Day 1 - today, I am grateful for, my grandmothers!

I feel very fortunate to have known both of my grandmothers. Without them, I would not be who I am today. Their love and guidance taught me much about resilience, laughter and joy.

#mygratitudepractice, #grandmothers, #goodrolemodel, #family, #gratitude

#Gratitude #mygratitudepractice #grandmothers #goodrolemodels #family

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