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My journey with Reiki started unexpectedly. I was stressed, out of balance and deeply unhappy. My desire to be the best at everything overpowered my sense of self and limited my potential. I was afraid of being less than perfect. Little did I realize that who I had become under this stress was already far from my perception of perfect. I had lost my sense of self, my priorities were blurred and my focus on what I thought I wanted was making me miserable.

And then my mother staged a small intervention. She was worried about me and my well-being. She had heard of “this thing called Reiki” from an acupuncturist and suggested I try it. I had never heard of Reiki before and neither had she, so why we both thought it might be a good idea is beyond me. Nonetheless, the next time I was visiting home off I went into the unknown. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what Reiki could actually do for me, but I wanted some balance in my life, I wanted to start looking after my well-being, reduce my stress and get some clarity. If someone had told me how “this thing called Reiki” was going to impact my life I don’t think I would have believed them.

Truth be told, the lasting impact I felt from Reiki was far from immediate. In fact, I don’t recall feeling much after that first visit at all. It was an interesting experience, first I spoke with the practitioner about what was troubling me and what I wanted to get from the session. After that I lay on the treatment table. I remember the lovely smell of incense and the beautiful material of the blanket that the Reiki Master placed over me. I closed my eyes and wondered what in the world she was doing. I knew she wasn’t touching me, but I could feel swirling sensations around my head and stomach area. With every breath I felt more and more relaxed as I released pent-up emotions so much so that I started to worry that I would fall into a deep sleep.

The whole experience was very restful. I felt better having released some anxiety and quite surprisingly a few tears as well. My feeling of peace was short lived however as I proceeded to miss my flight on Monday morning and the anxiety I had released was quickly replaced with more.

Even though the benefit I received from my initial Reiki treatment was short lived, I was drawn to go back for some reason. I wanted to try it again without the missed flight and when I did the impact was profound! But I’ll tell you all about that in my next post.

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